My name is Siobhán ^_^ I make video’s on Youtube! Mostly makeup tutorials on my makeup channel,  http://www.youtube.com/LetzMakeup, but I also try to post things onto my personal channel at http://www.youtube.com/ShivInTheBox. Well, when I remember!!


I’m a makeup Artist by trade but like to step away from it every now and then, so this blog will show some of my other hobbies and musings etc ^_^

I ♥love♥ cats, hello kitty, traveling, tattoo’s, vintage styling, art, pepsi max, the interweb, the cinema, highschool films, horror films, driving, grand theft auto (the game that is ^_^), flowers, mince pies, my laptop, jewelry, Rob Zombie, The Lost Boys, melted cheese, the country-side, being warm, chatting with friends, sleeping, Criminal Minds, home-wares stores, decorating, sketching, cold milk, fried eggs & garlic toast, stars, bows, stationary, making videos (sometimes), having my glass half full, a good book, winter-time, and way too much more to mention!!!

I’m quite a happy person but am quite shy until I get to know someone, but I do talk…. A LOT!!

Oh and I’m quite partial to my boyfriend too ^_^



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