Ashford Castle…. March 2011

Hey Guys,
The week of my birthday was beautiful weather-wise so my parents, Aunt and myself decided to visit the Beautiful Ashford Castle in Cong on the mayo/Galway border as I’d never been before and it has just recently been opened up to the public to unlimited access to the stunning grounds. As it’s a hotel and an extremely swanky one at that, the interior of the castle is off limits to non patrons.

Here are a few pictures I sourced from the internet, various tourism websites showing some of the inside!

Ashford castle BedroomAshford Castle RoomAshford Castle LobbyAshford Castle "Red Room"

And here’s an Aerial picture of the magnificent grounds….

And with that, here’s a video of all the pictures I took on my exploration on the day ^_^

(Sorry it wouldn’t embed for me for some reason!!)

Anyhow, hope ye enjoyed this.

It was a beautiful place to visit and I will definitely return sometime soon!!



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4 responses to “Ashford Castle…. March 2011

  • Rachael

    Fun! Surprisingly, in the two weeks I was in Ireland I didn’t get around to visiting any castles! D’oh =P Looks gorgeous ~

  • senteer

    hey) the living-room is [I guess it must be it – 2 & 3 pics] is really something)) I like all that wood, space and atmosphere. General view of the castle and the land – that’s what really stunning))) are there plenty more of such castle near where you live? =)

    • shivinthebox

      Yeah, Ireland is covered in stunning castles of all types. A lot like this are hotels and there are also loads of beautiful remains dotting the landscape! I plan on visiting more during the summer! x

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