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Shiv’s Style….. Shoes & Boots!

Hey Guys:)

Hey Everyone ^_^
Here’s the first of my style or styling videos. It’s just me showing my footwear collection so ye can get a sense of my taste and style.
I’m sure it won’t interest all of ye but many did ask for these type of videos so here it is!!



Here are some of my top fave’s….


Take Care,




To the Beach…..Come walking with me!!

Welcome to Shiv In The Box ^_^


Howdy Everyone ^_^

This is going to be a place for me to shite talk about anything and everything non-makeup and beauty related!!

And for those of you who were asking, here’s a picture from ages ago of me with dreads!


So, Expect to see my videos from my ShivInTheBox  channel up here and other tidbits and randomness^_^


Chat soon,

Take care!!

Shiv. (Aka – Siobhán – LetzMakeup)